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Europeans 1984

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 Interviews with Production Team, Steve’s 25 years in Marillion


 Band biography, session lists & current projects.


 All the releases, with picture sleeve scans and promos


 Exclusive chats with the Europeans


 Euros and HWL tour history with notes & photos

Songs & Lyrics

 Info, lyrics and analysis of all the songs 


 Reviews, adverts & bios etc from the music press


 Screen Caps of promos & TV spots 


 Rare Euros & HWL mp3 sound files to download


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Will Russell (early days & scanning), Bert ter Steege (discography), Ed Elloway (press cuttings), Jeroen Schipper (publicity), Mark Williamson (vidcaps & technical support), Jakefish (videos), Xav (Otway), Mick Savage (videos), Gabi Bauer (articles & sleeves), John Otway (interview), Morten N Ottosen (HWL), Muppet (video transfer), Gina Achord (picture sleeves), Judith Mitchell (HWL recollections) Inge Kuijt (photos, articles & recollections), Simon Clarke (marillion), Jen Liem (pics & support), Clive Whichelow (magazines), Lucy Jordache (marillion), Santi Prats (Spanish angle), Philip Hendry (recollections, tapes & videos), Fabien Locicero (French Radio tape & fan letter) John Gardner (mp3 webspace), Neil Piper (newsletters / gig dates) Simon Buckmaster (tapes / recollections), Ullis Wesley (gig photography), Andre Rostek (records), Raine Hilson (HWL tour diary), Leslie J Pfenninger (A&M), Paul Norris (Chrome Cassette + IHR scans), Kate Macca (photography), Nick Atkins (gig dates, tapes etc...), David Hawes (press cuttings), Bob Lambert (International Hostage Release) Philippe Tillier (cuttings) Jon Collins (photographs & book extract), Simon Richardson (Australian releases)


... and especially Steve Hogarth, Colin Woore, Geoff Dugmore and Ferg Harper.


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