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More 'h natural' dates   



In between tours to promote the latest Marillion album 'Somewhere Else', Steve is doing another handful of h natural dates around Europe.  The dates are 25 Aug Cologne, 15 Sept Paris, 16 Sept Marseille, 22 Sept London, 29 Sept Zoetermeer & 9 Nov Barcelona.  Full details at  The second leg of the 'Somewhere Else' tour visits Europe in December, tour dates at


Harlow & Neutrinos   



There is a new page all about Steve Hogarth's pre-Europeans bands Harlow & The Neutrinos.  Click here to go there now.  A chance search on internet auction site ebay recently unearthed a wealth of information about Harlow, which I have collected together for the page.  There is a link there also to some previously unheard mp3 sound clips featuring Steve on vocals!  It all ties in nicely with the release of Steve's 'h-natural' DVD  which sees him telling a very entertaining tale about life on a cruise ship with this, his first band. (see below for details of how to order it!)


'h natural' DVD now available   



The DVD of Steve's solo tour is now available to buy from Marillion's website priced 14.99. Click here to go there now.  The two disc set was recorded in March 2006 in Sheffield and has lots of great How We Live & Euros content. The concert itself features Working Town, Burning Inside You & Acid Rain plus an unreleased Euros track called Victoria Station.  The second disc contains Games in Germany recorded in Paris, plus rehearsal performances of Lost at Sea & Acid Rain (again).  It is a great show, very well filmed by  'THE boomboom BOYS' and well packaged.  There is exclusive content on the pages at including track by track commentaries by Steve on all the songs in the show.

 'h natural'


'h natural' gigs available to download at 'h-tunes'   



h-tunes downloads

Head over to where Steve Hogarth has set up a website " so that anyone who wants to relive the 'h-natural' experience can do so."  Sixteen shows are going to be released for download only via the h-tunes site.  These simple 'piano & voice' shows were unique in terms of set list, chat, diary and general atmosphere, and many featured songs from Steve's Europeans and How We Live days (see below). Each show will be available for a limited period only before being replaced by another. Price is 11 euro (about 7.50) per 2 hour plus show.  Full details, including a 'reward points' scheme for people buying multiple shows are also available on the website!


Europeans songs played:  Acid Rain (Sheffield), Hometown (Girona), Burning Inside You (Sheffield, Barcelona, Warsaw, Birmingham), Kingdom Come (Paris)  How We Live songs played: Working Town (most shows), Dry Land (Madrid, Barcelona, Warsaw, Majorca), Games in Germany (Paris, Madrid, Praia De Mira, Birmingham), India (Madrid), Lost at Sea (Madrid, Birmingham), Easter (most shows).  If you purchase the Paris, Sheffield and Madrid shows you'll get all the Euros & HWL tracks that Steve performed (except Home Town, as there is no recording of the Girona show)


Euros & HWL videos on YouTube   



A handful of Europeans and How We Live video clips have appeared on the wonderful website.  There are lots of Steve Hogarth 'h natural' clips and quite a few Marillion videos worth checking out too.  Click the links below to see the clips.  (Note: you'll need a Broadband connection!) 

NOTE : As of June 2007, all the clips have sadly been removed from You Tube, except 'HWL All the Time In the World.'  I will try and post some videos up on YouTube in the future.


You Tube Euros & HWL videos

Europeans - The Animal Song (Promo)

Europeans - Tunnel Vision (Live 1984)

How We Live - All the Time in the World

How We Live - Working Girl (Live)

Europeans - The Animal Song (Beavis & Butthead) 


'h solo' Tour in 2006   



(Nov / Dec 2005) Steve Hogarth has announced that he will be undertaking a small 'solo' tour in late Feb/early March 2006 in UK, Germany, Holland and France. Dates will go on the Marillion website as soon as they are confirmed. Steve explains:

'h natural' or.. Steve Hogarth: Voice and Piano: An organic evening of music, rock n' roll diary excerpts, lyrics and conversation.  "For many years, people have been asking me if I ever planned a one-man show. I told them it was a good idea. Since then, I've been a bit busy, but I have found a little time in February 06, so here goes.. I'm jumping out of the plane.  This won't be a tight, well-rehearsed, "professional" show. I want the atmosphere to dictate what happens. I'm going to arrive with a list of songs that have been important to me. These are things I wanted to say when I was young, things I've written over the years with the Europeans, How We Live, The h band, and, of course, Marillion.  I'll play some songs. (Hopefully I'll remember how they go..). I might read real-life rock n' roll reminiscences from the diary. If I'm in the mood, and you are too, we'll chat for a little while. If you ask me a decent question, I'll answer it. If the atmosphere is good, I'll keep going - perhaps for hours.. Let's see where it takes us. h"

Tickets are available for shows in The Netherlands, London, Birmingham and Liverpool now, but are selling out fast.  Details at 




Recurring Dreams CD   



(August 2005)  I am very, very pleased to announce that Europeans' second album Recurring Dreams is now available to buy on CD.  It has been released on the Intact label, catalogue number Intact CD03.  Buy it exclusively via the Marillion website at for 11.99, so please go and get your copy now!  To celebrate this re-release, I have put together a new 'Recurring Dreams' page which collects all the RD references from this site in one place, plus info on the new CD and a few other new bits and pieces.

Recurring Dreams Re-Issue 


Re-Issue News   



(March 2005) It is looking like the re-issue of the Euros' 'Recurring Dreams' album is finally going to happen! Colin Woore has been in touch, with exciting news that it is "now almost ready - just finishing off the artwork.  We're hoping for a release by the end of April."  It should be coming out on Marillion's own Racket Records label.  This re-issue has been on the cards for many, many years now, so it will be great to finally see it on CD!  I'll have some new interviews with band members, and full details of where to get your copy SOON!


Sounds Back Online   



(Feb 2005):  The Sounds page is once again back online.  In addition to the previous MP3 clips, I have added two new ones... Another How We Live demo, and a rare performance of Tunnel Vision by the Euros as performed on 'The Tube.'  


Europeans Promo & White Labels   



(April 2004): I have added a few more scans of new Europeans acquisitions to the Discography page: a Recognition 7" White Label test pressing... a very rare one-sided 7" promo of 'The Animal Song' from Spain (See Back Cover / Label), and a 12" White Label test pressing of AEIOU (See Cover / Label).


Colin Woore & IHR Project   



Colin Woore


(April 2004): I have finally found time to put together a page about Colin Woore's involvement with the 'International Hostage Release' Project. There is quite a bit of info there, including an exclusive mini-interview with Colin and an MP3 download of his track.  It still amazes me how much stuff I still have in my euro-archive that I have yet to put up on the site!  More soon... 


New Marillion album & single   





(April 2004): 'Marbles', the new (double) album by Marillion is available in May via  I got my pre-order edition a few weeks back and it really is a great album.  It is probably their best since 1997's 'This Strange Engine' (in my humble opinion!)  A single, 'You're Gone' is released on April 19th and could well go into the UK top 10 due (in part) to a record-breaking amount of pre-orders at HMV!  Please do go and buy it and get Marillion into the Top 10!  A big European tour starts in May which is shaping up to be their best yet!  Watch this space!


More Otway / Europeans on CD   




(November 2003): 'John Otway Scraps' - curios and curious', a 3 CD compilation of 'As & Bs, demos, outtakes, rarities and live cuts' is available at his gigs (and soon from Otway's Website.)  It contains the first official release of the Europeans-backed 'You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet' on CD.  It also includes the demo of a song called 'Dreaming Babies', which may also be an outtake from the 1981 'All Balls & No Willy' album sessions (although I have yet to hear it!)

Click here to see the John Otway cover.


'Recurring Dreams' album re-issue 



(October 2003): Europeans guitarist Colin Woore recently got in touch, bringing good news:  "I've managed to finally license 'Recurring Dreams' back from the record company, so hopefully we can release it on CD within the next couple of months.  The consensus at the moment is to release the album (on Racket) as is, without any add-ons.  It's never been on CD and the original album sits so well as it runs.  A future release could contain extras such as demos and unreleased tracks."  Colin has now got the digital master, which apparently wasn't even used for the original release!  More news as I get it.  Exciting stuff!


2003 'h band' gigs 



Steve in Hellendoorn 2003


(September 2003): How We Live drummer Arran Ahmun was a last minute replacement for Andy Gangadeen at Steve's recent 'h band' tour of Europe.  I saw the Union Chapel gig on 26 September, and thought it was the best h band show yet!  The show featured the usual mix of 'Ice Cream Genius' tracks (Cage, Really Like, Nothing to Declare etc...) plus familiar cover tracks from the 'Live Spirit Live Body' album (Life on Mars, Life is a Long Song, Estonia etc...).  There were also a few new surprises :  full band versions of 'This is the 21st Century' & 'Three Minute Boy', and stunning solo vocal/piano version of 'Easter' (all by Marillion), 'Helter Skelter' was back as encore, and there was one new cover 'Greek Song' by Rufus Wainwright.

Photo by Kate Macca.  See more of her 'h' pictures at


Euros / HWL News Round-Up 2003 



AEIOU Address book


At long last, some more updates!  An AEIOU Promotional Address Book, the A&M Records database website, a long awaited Marillion biography, more on 'The Edinburgh Playhouse Incident' and a round up of new Europeans and How We Live Records...

All these items can be found on the News Round Up 2003 page.



2003 'h band' gigs + new Marillion album 




2003 h gigs 

The 'h band' will be touring Europe in September.  Steve writes :"I'm proud, delighted and relieved to announce another chance to experience the dark and beautiful magic which is my band of eight like-minded sorcerers, committed to the summoning up of spirits and the stirring up of souls." Dates are as follows:


19 Sept De Kada, Zaandam

20 Sept De Lantaarn, Hellendoorn

(replacing the cancelled 'Day of Dreams' festival in Zwolle)

21 Sept Alter Wartesaal, Cologne

22 Sept Thunder Road, Milan

24 Sept Bikini Club, Barcelona

26 Sept Union Chapel, Islington, UK.  

Full details, including ticket availability at .  Meanwhile, recording is under way at Racket Studios for the new Marillion album.  Entitled 'Marbles', it will be a double album of new material.  More details, including info about the pre-order scheme, at the Marillion website above.


Geoff Dugmore Website 



Geoff's website

Apologies for the lack of recent updates.  I have been working on Geoff Dugmore's official webpages which are now up and running at   The site contains a frequently updated news page, a full CV listing all Geoff's session and live drumming credits, a biography, endorsements links and much much more!  Please have a look and email Geoff (or me!) with your comments.  More euros updates on this site soon, I promise!



Website Overhaul & New Features 



Steve Hogarth on tour with HWL in 1986

I have changed the look of the site a bit, I hope you like it.  All the old features are still here, they just look a bit different!  I am also pleased to announce that there are a couple of very exciting updates that I have been promising for a while.  The Videography pages now have 4 new sets of europeans vidcaps from various sources.  The other big addition is a How we Live Tour Diary written by keyboardist Raine Shine back in 1986.  More updates in the new year.  Thanks for visiting. 



Marillion 'Online Forum' 



marillion forums

Marillion's official website has set up an 'Online Forum' at  It takes the form of a newsgroup / chat room facility solely for Marillion based topics.  Over the summer, I noticed that a few Europeans and How we Live questions were asked, and answered by Steve in the 'Ask the Band' section.  I have reproduced a couple of them here.



Wed, 19 Jun 2002, 9:12 
Q. Hi Guys, Any chance of these ever seeing the light of day on CD ? Would be great to get them out on Racket especially 'Recurring Dreams' as you can plainly hear the link from it to How We Live and through to Marillion, making it pretty much essential listening for all us anoraks !


A. Moves are afoot to acquire these from Polygram who now own the A&M imprint. Lucy J is working on it. More news soon hopefully. h.

Posted: Mon, 17 Jun 2002, 22:51 
Q. I have a copy of the Europeans "Live" LP. It's got a huge biro scribble on the back which looks rather like an autograph. I *know* it's not yours as I've seen that before. It's quite big and loopy and looks like it's got a 'g' in the middle. Could it possibly have been signed by Geoff Dugmore or Ferg Harper? Alternatively, it may just turn out to be the aforementioned biro scribble... Any ideas? 

A. Well, we sold so few of 'em, that we probably signed MOST of 'em. My money's on it being Ferg.. or some kind of price-reduction tag! One of the music papers said it sounded like "a coal scuttle full of vomit" - I'll never forget that piece of incisive music journalism. h.

Posted: Tue, 6 Aug 2002, 19:00 
Q. Hi Steve!  Do you have any future plans to work with Colin Woore? I thought it was a nice surprise when the two of you came on stage and did Working Town together at the H gig in Dingwalls. Also will you consider doing another track onstage if you were to repeat that special moment! 

A. He called me up only today! Maybe, maybe.. h.




September 2002 'h band' 



Steve Hogarth undertook a mini-tour in September to promote the 'Live Body: Live Spirit' album, and by all accounts they were the best shows yet.  I got to see the last show at Dingwalls, and the band were the tightest I had seen them.  The set included a handful of 'h' tunes ('Really Like', 'Dinosaur Thing', 'Until You Fall' etc...) plus many of the covers featured on the album ('The Loving', 'Life on Mars' etc...).  There were a few extra treats in the shape of a new opener, 'A Few Words for the Dead' (from Marillion's 1998 album 'Radiation') and 'Middle Road' (another Aziz tune with backing vox from h).  Two tunes played at the LA2 back in January were also added : How We Live's 'India' (introduced by Steve with a tale about the record company's dislike for the band) and 'All Things Must Pass' as a further tribute to the late George Harrison.  


The double live album is fantastic, and I would urge anybody who hasn't bought it yet to head over to !  The liner notes reproduce a handful of emails sent between Steve and guitarist Dave Gregory listing potential songs for the initial gigs.  In the shortlist of songs were 'Acid Rain' (by the europeans) and 'Nothing to Hide' (described by Steve as an "unrecorded old How We Live song if I can find the demo!") 


'h band' - 'Live Spirit : Live Body' album / tour 



'h band' live album

Steve Hogarth's long awaited live CD is finally available from as are details of an 'h band' mini-tour this September.  The double album comprises highlights of the 'Spirit' and 'Body' evenings recorded at 'Dingwalls' last summer.  The tour stops at the customary Dingwalls once again, Cardiff, Sheffield, plus two Dutch dates, in Amsterdam & Hellendoorn.  Well worth a look I should think !


News from Geoff Dugmore (August 2002) 



Geoff Dugmore maintains a busy schedule as usual.  He writes : "I'm currently In Japan touring with legendary Rocker E Yazawa. Shows include Tokyo Stadium (56,000) and 10 nights at the Budokan Arena (15,000 a night.)  Big Tour !!!  Recent recordings include Nick Carter (Backstreet Boys solo album), Kamerey (new signing to BMG) & Natalie Appleton (All Saints - forthcoming album on Polydor.)"  Geoff's own website will be up and running very soon at 


Euros 'Vocabulary' Cassette 



Climbing frame fun

I recently tracked down a copy of the  'Vocabulary' album on cassette, one of the few Europeans items that I had yet to find.  Not only does it sound superb (missing the scratches from the vinyl!), but it also has a great inlay sleeve, containing a shot of the band that may well be unique to this release. 

Click here to see: The Front Inlay / The Back Inlay / The Cassette


Sounds Back Online 

I am very pleased to announce that the Sounds page is back online again.  I had to take the clips down last year when my ISP (BTInternet) reduced my webspace from 2GB to 10MB.  However, John Gardner has since offered to host the mp3s for me, and they are now available again.  Thanks John!



Reissue Possibilities 

I am always hearing rumours and speculation about the Re-release of the Europeans albums on CD Format.  With that in mind, I have put together a 'Reissue Possibilities' Page documenting the current state of play, while also having a look at how the back catalogue might be best presented.



Euros / HWL News Round-Up 2002 



News Round Up 2002


I have added a new page containing lots of Europeans and How We Live related News, including an update from Geoff Dugmore, info on some cover versions of Euros tracks, more about an obscure 80s film soundtrack, hard to find MP3s, and various other references.  There were a lot of items, so I've put them on a separate News Round Up 2002 page.




Recent (and future) Website updates 

I have updated my 'Guide to Collecting' with the latest prices from Record Collector Magazine, and also archived the News items from 2000 & 2001 to a separate page.  Coming Soon : a look at re-issue possibilities, a round up of euros and HWL news (including some interesting cover versions I've found!), an interview with Geoff about his 'Wildlife' band project, updated captures for the Videography page, Europeans newsletters from 1984... and much more...  




2002 Hogarth Gigs & Album Sampler 




h band 2002


The 'h band' screamed genius in London, Amsterdam & Paris this new year. The band line up was the same as the summer 'Spirit' and 'Body' shows, and the sets featured much of the same material. I was present at the 'Mean Fiddler' (LA2) London show, which started out a little shaky! It took a good half a dozen songs before the band settled in to their groove. Steve admitted that they had not timed the set, so the gig turned in to a race against the clock, with a few songs being dropped towards the end of the night. The band were once again outstanding, Aziz and Dave Gregory stood out once again! The biggest surprise (and highlight) of the evening was a great version of the How We Live song 'India.'





Other songs in the set (from memory, and not in order) were Really Like, You Dinosaur Thing, Green Manalishi , Dream Brother, Life Is A Long Song, Better Dreams, Cage, The Deep Water, Man Of The World, The Old Wild Men, Zen & Now, Estonia, 80 Days, Life On Mars, The Loving and a poignant acoustic rendition of George Harrison's All Things Must Pass to close the show.  Nothing to Declare, See Emily Play and Alice's House were also played at the Amsterdam gig.





On sale at the shows was a limited edition 'h band' ep. The tracks are a live version of Cage taken from the forthcoming live album, plus three 'bonus rarities' - home demos of The Urban Spaceman and Until You Fall, plus a 'bootleg' mix of See Emily Play from the Dingwalls show. The 2CD live album will be out 'early 2002.'








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